Save Energy and Cut Costs

Find out how with a home energy audit in Apple Valley, CA

Have you received an energy bill that was through the roof - for no apparent reason? You checked your electronics and appliances, but nothing seemed unusual.

Chances are that something in your home is using a lot of power, and it just needs to be found and fixed. Tri City Air can hunt down the energy vampire hiding on your property in Apple Valley, CA with a home energy audit.

We will:

  • Inspect your home
  • Find what's using extra energy
  • Recommend changes
  • Teach you how to save money on your power bill

Call 760-953-5123 now to schedule a home energy audit and start lowering your bills.

What else can we do for you?

What else can we do for you?

You can count on us to make changes to your HVAC system to boost energy efficiency. As an HVAC company, we're especially prepared to improve your HVAC system. Ask a local HVAC pro about improving your system right away.

Plus, we can educate you on your HVAC system. You'll understand how to save money on your power bill by using your system smartly.