Stop Piling on the Sweaters

Get warm with a heat pump installation service in Apple Valley, CA

It's so cold indoors that you're tempted to layer sweaters. You've turned on your heater, but you still feel chilly. Maybe your heater isn't working anymore. After all, it's easy for heating issues to go unnoticed during our usual warm weather in Apple Valley, CA. You might not realize your heater is long gone until a day like today comes.

When that happens, you can turn to Tri City Air for a modern furnace or heat pump installation service. Whether you choose a furnace or a heat pump, our installation experts will have your equipment installed and operating in no time.

We can complete jobs in a single day, and we use some of the latest equipment from trusted brands to do so. Call 760-953-5123 now for a free estimate on your installation service.

Find out about other furnace and heat pump services

Find out about other furnace and heat pump services

When you don't need a new heater, we're here for you, too. We can inspect your heating unit when any issues come up and provide heat pump or furnace repair services. Hire our team for heat pump or furnace repair services that will make your home comfortable as soon as possible.